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The airport closest to Dominica’s Capitol city of Roseau, Canefield Airport, is considered to be one of the most “challenging” airports in the world at which to land.  As such, it is mainly used for small cargo carriers from other islands, not passenger flights.
 The Melville Hall Airport is 1.5 to two hours from Roseau and offers a much more accommodating landing strip.  A picturesque approach through a green valley welcomes visitors to Dominica.  The landing is still rather abrupt as the length of the tarmac is limited by the presence of an ocean at its end.
Although it is larger than the Canefield Airport, Melville Hall Airport is still not large enough to be considered international.  Connecting flights by Leeward Island Air Transport shuttle international passengers from larger airports in the neighboring islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe as well as Antigua, St. Maarten, and Barbados.  Most US travelers connect through Puerto Rico where the American Airlines partner American Eagle carries passengers from San Juan to Melville Hall.    

Passports and Documentation
Most travelers to Dominica will need to show both a valid passport as well as a return ticket.  For stays of fewer than 21 days, visas are not required for citizens of many countries.

Dominica's electrical services use 220/240 volts.  Transformers are available at most establishments but are often quite antiquated.  For those traveling with expensive computer or camera gear that will need recharging, a travel converter with a line filter is a solid investment.  Many newer establishments provide in-room 110 outlets.   

Check with your carrier airline for current regulations on the amount and weight of allowed luggage.  Regulations may be enforced with some degree of ease on your way into Dominica, but be forewarned, they pay careful attention to weight on departures owing to the length of the runway.  If you have not packed within your limits, some of your luggage may remain in Dominica.  The Dominican officials also charge an EC$55 departure tax.


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