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Trafalgar Falls

Consisting of a pair of dramatic waterfalls known as the Mother and the Father, Trafalgar falls is one of the most popular short hikes in Dominica.  Trafalgar Falls is only about fifteen minutes from the trailhead over a shaded and well-kept path and terminates at an observation point complete with a covered deck and benches. 

The views at Trafalgar Falls are simply splendid.  Both falls show dramatic water flows that crash down on the jumble of volcanic boulders at the base.  The Father, the largest of the falls, had a portion collapse in the 1990’s, and may still be structurally unsound, but there is a path for the adventurous that leads to the base of both falls.  While the rocks at the base of the father may not be terribly enticing, there is a beautiful and refreshing pool at the base. 

If one chooses to continue past the observation deck, the path becomes much narrower and somewhat steeper, with several slippery points where one crosses shallow streams.  While it is more challenging, the hike will reward travelers with views of the valley, and the opportunity to soak in some of the natural hot springs that lie along the path. 







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