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Dive Sites: L'Abym

L’Abym lives up to its name (a Creole word meaning the deep or the abyss).  Here, wall diving abounds and scuba divers will delight in the mix of suspension feeding corals reaching out to meet the larger pelagic species that cruise the reef. 
Located along the north side of Soufriere Bay, L’Abym makes up the eastern edge of Soufriere crater.  At approximately two miles long, divers can make dozens of dives along the wall and never repeat a site. 
All along the wall, black coral and whip corals extend their branches to bathe in the plankton rich currents.  Below, the wall plunges into the caldera, exciting the imagination with what may lie below.  Turtles and eagle rays are especially common at L’Abym, and schools of tuna and large jacks frequent this dramatic landscape.   
Depths at L’Abym begin as shallow as ten feet, but quickly drop to well beyond recreational scuba limits, making this one of Dominica’s deeper and more advanced dive sites.  While it is necessary to watch depths at this dive site, the opportunity to see some rare coral species and possibly some big animal action make this a must-dive for every visitor to Dominica.


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 Dominica scuba diver anemone

A scuba diver examines a large anemone along the wall at L'Abym






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