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Dominica Scuba Diving
Dive Sites: La Sorciere

Although the cliff over La Sorciere (The Sorceress) may be cursed, the diving below is anything but.  A local Carib legend surrounds this cliff where it is rumored that unfaithful women were thrown to their deaths.  These women placed a curse on the site and continue to haunt the cliff, resulting in a famously haunted dive site. 

Immediately below the cliff lies an expansive reef system dominated by dramatic walls and overhangs.  Similar to nearby L’Abym, the top of the reef system lies in only about fifteen feet of water but drops dramatically to depths exceeding 700 feet.

Scuba divers will first drop down to find a ledge that is heavily covered with plate corals and a variety of sponges.  Crinoids are especially abundant along the top of the reef system.  As divers continue past the shelf and descend along the walls, larger whip and black corals become more abundant. 

These walls of La Sorciere are especially craggy and lobsters, frogfish, and every manner of shrimp may be found with relative ease.  Bring a dive light to bring out the colors of the reef as you reach deeper dive sites and to spot some of Dominica’s more secretive residents.  This is an excellent site to view normally nocturnal soldierfish, cardinalfish, and bigeyes.      


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 Arrow Crab in Dominica

An arrow crab seeks shelter among the tentacles of a golden crinoid






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