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Dominica Scuba Diving
Southern Sites-Roseau & Soufriere
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 It is difficult to declare a “best” region of Dominica for scuba diving.  Each has its own underwater ambiance and personality, determined by geologic activity and exposure to prevailing winds and currents.  For most divers, particularly those staying in the capitol city of Roseau, much of their initial experiences with Dominica diving will be along the southwestern coast of the island.

The southwestern dive sites run from Roseau, south to the tip of the island at Scotts Head.  Many of the most popular scuba sites ring Soufriere Bay, which is formed from the mouth of a volcanic crater.  At the north end of Soufriere Bay are the dive sites of Soufriere Pinnacles, La Sorciere (The Sorceress), and L’Abym (The Deep).  Of these, Soufriere Pinnacles are the most friendly for snorkelers and beginning scuba divers as the peaks of these pinnacles nearly reach the surface, and even the bases are on a sandy shelf in less than 40 feet of water.

Both La Sorciere and L’Abym are mainly wall dives.  Although they both rise to within fifteen feet of the surface, it is easy for divers to find themselves at depths beyond their comfort level if they aren’t paying attention to their dive computers.  Diverse and colorful, these are dive sites not to be missed.  L’Abym is especially well known for an abundance of larger visitors from the deep including sea turtles, large jacks, and even rays.




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