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Southern Sites-Roseau & Soufriere
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The northern dive sites of Dominica resemble those to the south, with dramatic volcanic outcroppings and lush reefs dominated by sponges and soft corals.  Several popular sites surround the small peninsula of Cabrits National Park.  On the south side of Cabrits is Sharks’s Mouth, one of the sites accessible from the shore.  One-Finger rock offers somewhat more challenging diving as currents can be stronger here.  A little to the north is Five-Finger Rock, which also is exposed to currents, but these currents create a wealth of stony coral and sponge growth that makes scuba diving well worth it.    

Central Dominica dive sites offer Caribbean topography more familiar to other islands.  Many of the dramatic pinnacles and lava outcroppings are absent and the reefs are comprised of gentle slopes, tables and plateaus that often turn into deep walls.  Coral Gardens North is a nice introduction to central Dominica diving.  The reefs of the Coral Gardens are formed over gradually descending lava flows beginning at 10 feet and descending to about 130 feet.  Deeper dives can be enjoyed at Lauro Reef and Barry’s dream where most reefs are between 60 and 130 feet.  At both of these latter sites, encounters with large fishes and big pelagics can add a thrill to an already spectacular dive.







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