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Dangleben's Pinnacles

When this author first visited Dominica, our dive guide from Anchorage Divers told us “Welcome to Dangleben’s Pinnacles - this is a site you will be asking to come back to.”   Our group of seasoned travelers and veteran scuba divers quietly dismissed this assertion, but Michael, you were right, we went back three more times in a week, all by request!

With turtles, eels, seahorses, and jawfish all in the first five minutes of our first dive, we were hooked.  There is far too much at Dangleben’s pinnacles to see in ten dives, much less just one.  The reef here is developed over a series of five volcanic pinnacles, each supporting life distinct from the other prominences. 

Too deep for most snorkelers, Dangleben's pinnacles are a paradise for scuba divers in Dominica. Most top off at 25-35 feet, and level out at about 60 feet on the island side of the mounts.  To the seaward side of the pinnacles, walls and rugged outcroppings dominate the landscape as they plunge into the abyss of the volcanic crater, encouraging all manner of pelagic organisms to make an appearance.

Besides the lush reef system atop the pinnacles, the sand flats beside the pinnacles make for an interesting dive.  Snake and sand eels are common here, as are peacock flounders and jawfish.  The abundant scattered rocks create numerous patch reefs, each packed with life, clamoring for precious real estate. 







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